Amanda JS Kaufmann

Amanda JS Kaufmann grew up immersed in visual art and writing and was voted “most artistic” in her high school senior class. She received a BA in creative writing from the University of Arizona, Tucson, with an emphasis in short fiction and playwriting, and she holds an MA in English/TESOL, which she applied to teaching writing in the college classroom. After spending nearly 30 years in technical and educational publishing, including directing and producing video shoots across the country, Kaufmann is now focused on her visual art and writing; find her moving pictures on her YouTube channel. Kaufmann has given herself to spec and for-hire writing projects, including comedy and fantasy feature-film scripts, and published a book of punk haiku, Rage, Recovery, and Calm: A Year in Poetry, in 2021. Reach Amanda at

To order from the artist’s collection of original nature photos personalized with poetry, visit WordWorthyPhotos on Etsy; @wordworthyphotos.

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